Lonely lady dressed in red I was, Heart covered with memories of bliss. A little lonely I am as my mind drifts In cold stories that I’ve never wished Once upon a time I leap across the sea Dreaming that one day they will notice me, My gown flutters like butterfly wings Heavy it was … Continue reading SanguisAngelus

I think too much

I can’t help it but think and only think, every possibility every question is always in my mind, it has gotten annoying but also it has become my habit, every little detail will be in my mind, especially on my time alone, I usually think on what to do with my life, because basically it … Continue reading I think too much

Am I worth it?

This may come out a rant, or maybe I’m just looking for someone to talk to. I’ve been thinking [too much] and I’m tired of it, I can’t keep listening to depressing music every night, I told myself that it was a new year and I wanted to stop dreaming and start reliving my goals. … Continue reading Am I worth it?