Fate [Chapter 1]

Introduction   My fate has been sealed by this treacherous curse that was brought to me, be burdened eternally and stoned away from an unsealed memory.  As this tiny sparks of memories, James struggles away from fate, still the past hunts him and can never recover from such broken memories. Elaine, afraid of the fate … Continue reading Fate [Chapter 1]

Another sleepless night

It’s been awhile since I’ve been like this, It’s been awhile since I stared at the dimness of the night, making the moon as a lime light, My heart I can hear, pounding heavily. The cold air makes me quiver, the hoollow space of the night I felt betrayed, I still grow anxious of that day that made … Continue reading Another sleepless night


I have a class in college, which I seemed to be hooked on to most of the people outside Philippines probably haven’t heard of such thing or didn’t think that it existed, it’s Philippine Art History. My teacher has said that, what we see now isn’t the culture we once had, it wasn’t filipino-like, the essence of … Continue reading Filipino-ness?